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Underwater Robotics Camp, ages 12-15

Underwater Robotics Camp is a two-week daily summer camp at Adventure Aquarium for teens ages 12-15.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) boldly go where human divers cannot. During this two week ROV program, camper-engineers will hone their maker skills to design and build their own underwater robot. They will learn about the industrial and scientific applications of ROVs and develop hands-on skills like soldering, waterproofing, and tool use. Camp culminates with a friendly competition, where campers will pilot their ROVs through challenges based on real-world situations.

During Camp, teens will:

  • Design, build and pilot their own submersible ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
  • Participate in a friendly ROV competition where students must solve simulated, real world activities
  • Hone skills in soldering, electrical circuitry, tool use and more
  • Develop engineering and problem solving skills
  • Use STEM skills to create and test custom tools for their ROV's use in completing tasks
  • Return home with their unique ROV and control system.
Current Underwater Robotics Camp Sessions and Availability


Underwater Robotics Camp Pricing
Member (Adventure Aquarium) $900
Non-Member $950

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